Weight Management Company Herbini Sees $300,000 improvement in Online Sales Revenue

The following is a Facebook Marketing case study, highlighting how social media marketing helps to bring $300,000 sales revenue through social media


Herbini is a weight management company that provides weight loss solution and healthy living products. Weight management industry is highly competitive with more than thousand companies currently in operation in SEA. Literally thousands of diet websites exists. Competition is intense in weight management industry and Herbini must remain competitive in the areas of program efficacy, price, customer service and brand recognition.


Social media seemed like the right solution to this problem. “We wanted to use social media to continue to foster our community, to get people talked about their different weight management strategies and healthy living strategies,” Hugo the owner of Herbini said.

The sales automation tool, for instance, enables the company to self-help in the online purchase. Herbini can examine the exact segmentation of this online traffic thanks to Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

To reach out to a very large and diverse audience, Hashmeta developed targeted Facebook ads which were targeted and A/B tested – to find the best performing ads.


Targeted Audience on Facebook

Setting up an effective pre-launch sequence before a launch takes work, dedication, planning and a lot of time. Through posting “likeable” post on Facebook, it helped to warm-up the prospects and convert them into ready buyers during the “offer”.

Warm-up post


  • Generated more than $300,000 sales through Facebook Marketing
  • Transitioned from a brick-and-mortar to an online company
  • Reached about 2,000,000 potential audience on Facebook
  • Appears on first page of Google for over 20 keywords
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