The Waffle uses Social Media For It’s First Store Launch In Singapore

The following is a Facebook Marketing case study, highlighting how The Waffle uses social media for it’s first store launch in Singapore.

How do you attract a flash mob of 200+ people to your new outlet launch? A successful online launch through an engaging Facebook launch campaign of course!

“Traditional marketing methods are too expensive and difficult to measure for a small company”asserted Ms Pearline Tan, the owner of The Waffle Singapore.

After familiarizing themselves with the concept of social media marketing, they knew it was the right path for their company.


Before engaging Hashmeta, The Waffle Singapore didn’t have a website or a Facebook Business Page. Without any online presence, The Waffle Singapore was not able to gather any leads online. They were also missing out on opportunities to reach out and gather information on buyer behaviours that could lead to offline sales.

Ms Pearline Tan, the owner of The Waffle said, “We wanted to expand our influence and increase the number of people that knew about The Waffle before the launch on Facebook.” Pearline sought the help of Hashmeta to develop a marketing (product launch) plan .


The Waffle used the power of social media creatively for the launch. The networks were used effectively and well integrated. The brand did a smart move by starting the Facebook presence just a month before its launch and today it has a fan following of more than 3K. The content shared was aligned to the official launch of the brand and the teasers (which got a fairly good response from the fans) were well-received.


For restaurants, it’s important to present your food favorably. The Waffle took advantage of photos on Facebook to do this.

Warm-up post

Warm-up post

The Waffle started with Facebook where Singaporean spends the most time. The brand created its presence on Facebook from the month of November 2013, with the initial strategy of sharing sneak peeks of its upcoming launch in Singapore.


The new kid on the block with no customer list to start with – The Waffle Singapore attracted amazing Facebook crowd to their festive outlet at Orchard Road, Singapore.

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