Social Media Marketing GamePlan

How To Build Your Social Media Marketing GamePlan?

Effective social media marketing starts with understanding your buyers and competitors. By doing an in-depth analysis, you will uncover information that are “hidden” from your naked eye.

In-depth Analysis Against Your Closest Competitor:

  • Is your competitor growing their fans at a FASTER pace?
  • Is your competitor posting MORE OFTEN than you?
  • Are your fans SIMILAR to that of your competitors?
  • Know your competitors most EFFECTIVE posting time.
  • Get IDEAS on type of content to post by analysing your competitors TOP posts.
  • Understand your competitor’s social media strategy.

Using these data, Hashmeta comes up with analysis and small actionable steps for you to improve on your Facebook page.

Who Should Get This?

  • Social Media Manager who needs to report to higher management on social media performance.
  • Senior Manager who are spearheading a new social media project.
  • Marketing Directors who wish to see how the company is performing against their competitors.
  • Small Business Owners who wish to learn from bigger Companies.
  • Startups who wish to compare with how their bigger competitors are performing.

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