Product Launch Campaign to drive 60,000 Unique Visitors on Launch Day

The following is a product launch case study, highlighting how a well-executed launch can bring 60,000 visitors on the launch day.


A few years ago, Blackberry was the toast of the business world; A must-have business gadget for every businessman on the street. Today it’s smartphone market share is shrinking with the rising of Android and iOS. In China, many smartphone analysts believe that Blackberry is a dying brand. However, the team at iiBerry bet on the potential come back of BlackBerry. The new BlackBerry Z10 – the first BlackBerry to run on the BlackBerry 10 operating system, heralds a new generation for the brand.

The vision of iiBerry is to create a completely new experience for BlackBerry 10 Community. The product launch objectives were to successfully launch the website in tandem with the official announcement of BlackBerry 10. The challenge is to differentiate from its competitor(existing BlackBerry Community) in the local market.


Hashmeta knew that it had to find creative ways to engage the demographic to create an emotional connection to the brand, and ultimately drive traffic to the website. The agency also understood that it had to find an innovative way to leverage the existing BlackBerry Community. Collaborating with the key partners was a crucial way to produce a pre-launch campaign that would cut through the competition. Apart from that, a social media marketing campaign was built around the notion that BlackBerry fans in China were anticipating the coming of BlackBerry 10.


Social Media Marketing

There were two main streams to the campaign: experiential and below the line, attracting the crowd on microblogging platform, Weibo. With plenty of research in the market indicating that the target demographic were frequently using Weibo, riding on catchy news provided an opportunity to reach out to this audience.

The Campaign started off with the unofficial announcement of WeChat(China-made message App, from Tencent) Beta version on BlackBerry. This new leaked on iiBerry Weibo was shared and featured in major news portals like CnBeta and Netease in China. The following on iiBerry Weibo quadrupled because of this unofficial announcement, thanks to the Social Media.

WeChat on BlackBerry


With the availability of the seed audience on Weibo, Photo submission and ‘Your BlackBerry Story’ user-generated-content (UGC) contests were rolled out. This tapped into the target audience’s desire to contribute, to create unique peer-to-peer mementos and receiving recognition.

BlackBerry Photo Contest

Visual Content

Color is the most powerful element in creating brand recognition. It is also the most subjective element because it triggers strong emotions. Hashmeta designed a series of attractive yet informative poster and infographic, broadcasted them on Social Media. Introducing and emphasising the iiBerry brand colours imparted a sense of dejavu when the users see the website eventually.
iiBerry Infographic


A perfect teaser page must score high on all four axis of Memorability, Virality, Desirability and Data collection-ability.

A teaser can go a long way to ensuring a successful launch. Raising awareness of iiBerry, an up-and-coming BlackBerry 10 lifestyle community long before it ships makes sense: Generally, people are more likely to interact with your brand/product if they’re somewhat familiar with it, so letting them hear about it as soon (and as much) as possible helps. Through the teaser, we created a climate of anticipation, and make people look forward to the release date. People love to know in advance about the next big thing, and we use this as an advantage to iiBerry. In this context, the teaser is a vital part of any product launch strategy.

The teaser is just one piece of the puzzle. Other important part for iiBerry pre-launch campaign is to maintain an active Weibo account. Unlike a teaser page, which is usually a one-way medium, users can reply to tweets and leave comments on Weibo. These channels are valuable because it helped the iiBerry team gather feedback on new ideas and to better target the market.

iiBerry BlackBerry Community Website Launch Poster


The launch campaign achieved impressive engagement: 6,000 new Weibo fans were added and over 60,000 people viewed the website on the launch day. In total, there were more than 250,000 eyeballs of Blackberry Fans over the period of one month.

Website Traffic on BlackBerry 10 Launch Day

The innovative use of rewarding point system and users generated content through the ‘BlackBerry Story’ campaign earned respect from the community, who acknowledged it was key to the viral campaign that had a real impact on the cohesiveness to the community.

One fan commented: “This is one of the cleanest and most engaging BlackBerry Community so far”.

The campaign’s smart leverage of social media, partnership and WeChat beta release had the effect of deepening engagement. The release of a 3rd Party App conversion tool – Android to BlackBerry, as Post Launch event, played a significant role in boosting iiBerry authority among the BlackBerry lovers.

As a product launch case study, iiBerry pre-launch campaigns demonstrated how social media can be used as a platform. With the help of Hashmeta, it is undoubtedly, a compelling campaign that leaves an impact in the BlackBerry community.

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