Jurong Point Mother’s Day Video Went Viral and Received Million Views in 72 hours

The Challenge

Jurong Point approached Hashmeta with a requirement of doing a video for Mother’s Day. They wanted a heart-­warming video that will beable to tug at the heartstring of their shoppers. The timeline was tight, with less than 35 days to Mother’s Day.

The Process

As we doesn’t have the necessary video production capability, we decided to team up with Arctic Fox Studio Asia for the video
production and ideation. The team was brought in for brainstorming and production. Once the video has been done, we took over and proceed to seed the video on Facebook. Our team submitted the video to various popular website in Singapore (e.g. STOMP, SGAG, etc.).

Our team also came up with a testing process on the headline to ensure maximum virality on social media. A total of 4 different headlines were tested. Our team also identified and targeted the ads at the most engaged audience on Facebook.

The Promotion

With the combination of a good quality video and the effort of our team’s social media expertise, we managed to target the video at the most engaged audience, which led to tremendous number of shares, likes and comments.

Finally, the submission of the video to popular sites also helped the video to gain the additional traction needed to push the video to the masses.

The Results

  • 2.3 Million people reached online within 72 hours
  • 1 Million people watched the video online
  • 22,000 People shared on Facebook
  • 500,000 people reached through media exposure
  • Estimated Value of Media Coverage is SGD 500,000


Jurong Point Viral Video

Jurong Point Viral Video

Reference Link

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Mothership.sg https://www.facebook.com/MothershipSG/posts/961308817242104
Vulcan Post https://www.facebook.com/vulcanpost/posts/662020330608526
Must Share News https://www.facebook.com/mustsharenews/posts/386701821532909
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People Action Party https://www.facebook.com/pap.sg/posts/1037215629623170
Lee Hsien Loong https://www.facebook.com/leehsienloong/posts/908012049261502
财经追击 Money Week https://www.facebook.com/moneyweek/posts/10152819261891200
Coconut Singapore https://www.facebook.com/CoconutsSingapore/posts/742707702517054
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