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Hashmeta is seeking Instagram Influencers to join our Influencer Network – StarNgage! If you love social media as much as we do, have a strong social media presence and want to leverage on your Instagram influence creatively (plus get paid for it!), we’re the right people to help you! We provide creative opportunities for you to become brand partners and advocates. Get paid to work with top brands on unique photo campaigns!

We value Influencers of all backgrounds. We’ll select Influencers for campaigns based on a number of factors, including the sponsor’s requests and based on what we know about your readers. As we match you with possible opportunities,you can decide if you’re interested on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Be a part of inspiring photo campaigns!

Join the fastest growing Instagram Influencer Network in the world!

With more than 25,000+ active Instagram Influencers and visual content creators, we empower brands to measure their Instagram marketing effort and engage influencers to create content easily.

Come and join us now to shape the future of Instagram Influencer Marketing!

You’re an Instagram Evangelist
With so many major projects on the horizon, Hashmeta’s Social Media Team is looking to build a network of talented professionals to help us execute our growing vision.

Get paid for what you do best

Leverage on your Instagram influence creatively via advertorials and get paid for it!

Grow your network

Get the most out of your profile. We are looking for individuals with a minimum of 1000 followers on Instagram.

Have Fun!

By connecting you to our participating companies, you will have immediate access to the latest advertorial assignments to choose from. No sourcing or hassle – we’ve done it for you.

Be in the loop

Join our network of like-minded social media influencers and be constantly updated for newest assignments available!

We want to empower you

Have full charge of your earnings by being able to decide which or number of assignments to take up


Have the choice to work from wherever you are— as long as you’re connected online, it’s all good!

Join Hashmeta’s Instagram Influencer Network and Community Social Media Team

If you think you share the same passion as us, and have almost all of the above traits, drop us an email at or get in touch with us via the form below

We promise to get back to you no matter what 🙂

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