Inbound Marketing Training

Inbound Marketing Training

Hashmeta Inbound Marketing workshop is a hands-on crash course in inbound best practices. Learn how to attract visitors, connect prospects, engage leads and convert them into customers. You’ll get-your-hands-dirty during action-focused workshops.
Simply fill up the form and we’re here to help you understand your marketing challenges and equip you with the know-hows to achieve your goals!
  • Learn how to excel at SEO
  • Learn how to create a social media strategy
  • Learn how to turn your blog into a traffic and lead-generating machine
  • Learn how to plan to get your leads all the way through your sales cycle

Inbound Marketing hands on Workshop (3 hours/session)


  • Session 1: SEO
  • Session 2: Social Media
  • Session 3: Content Marketing/Blogging

3 session all-inclusive Package Price = $1500


There’s no doubt that Google’s algorithm is more complex — and volatile — than ever. The days where SEO was all about meta tags and backlinks is long gone. Google now uses at least 200 ranking factors in their algorithm, including social signals, user-interaction signals, and trust.~ Search Engine Journal

You will learn what is making pages rank in 2013 by analyzing what successful pages have in common. The 3-hour session will cover:

On-Page SEO

  • Length of URL
  • Keyword in Title
  • Keyword in URL
  • Existence of Meta description
  • Site Speed
  • H1, H2 and Image Alt
  • Keyword in Domain Name/ Exact match domains (EMDs)
  • Number of Internal Links
  • Ideal HTML Length
  • Word count
  • keywords in body(Density)
  • Rel Canonical
  • Site Cookie

Off-Page SEO

  • Number of Backlinks
  • Rel=No Follow
  • Backlinks in same country
  • Backlinks with keywords
  • Social Signals
  • Google Authorship

Top recommended tools for SEO Ninjas

S2: Social Media

How to master Facebook Marketing in 3 hours. You’ll learn:

  • Facebook Fundamentals
  • Facebook Framework & Strategies
  • Facebook Management
  • Facebook Monitoring & Analytics 101
  • Facebook Best Practices & Checklist
  • Facebook Success Stories and Case Studies
S3: Content

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The shift from selling to educating – content as marketing
  • Identifying business objectives for your content marketing
  • Resources and tools
  • Creating and using Personas and Scenarios
  • Identifying key user journeys
  • Research your audience’s online behaviour using free tools
  • Create sketch Personas and Scenarios
  • Planning for content creation & management
  • Business goals and conversions
  • Identifying key messages
  • Measuring success: analytics and KPIs

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