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How To Increase Fan Engagement on Your Facebook Page





Facebook’s REACH and ENGAGEMENT go hand in hand. If Facebook thinks that your posts aren’t receiving any engagement through any of the 4 ways above, they will only allow 1-2% of your fans (which is as little as 10 fans if you only got 1000 fans on your Facebook) to see it.

This may look like some worrisome stats, but when done well, Facebook can create incredible mind shares and brand recognition as your customers share your post across social media and becomes a form of word-of-mouth marketing (friends recommendation are the best).

#1: Post frequently

Due to the low exposure per post, you will want to post a variety of post across different time of the day to elicit more engagements from different fans.

This will help to strengthen your reach and increase the frequency of your posts showing up in your fan’s news feed.
P.S. This only works if your contents are engaging.

#2: Ask Questions

Questions are a great way to spark dialogue with fans. It is probably the one of the easiest and best methods for getting people to respond to your posts.

#3: Use Photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Cliché, but nonetheless true.

On Facebook, photos gets 87% of the total shares on Facebook Pages Worldwide for March 2014. Photos has to be one of my favorite ways to build engagement because they stand out better compared to status updates or posted links. Pictures are clear, concise, and easily digestible.

#4: Monitor Timing

Timing is extremely important when it comes to posting on any social networks.

Compare uploading your post when people are in transit or when they are working/sleeping. Which do you think will have a higher percentage of people checking their social networks for updates?

#5. Add Call To Action

Contrary to popular beliefs, people like being told what to do. Simply putting a call to action to your post such as, “Buy Now” or “Find Out More Here” can help to increase engagement.

#6. Place Facebook Ads

Even the best campaign stories are useless if no one sees it. Especially when you have just started your Facebook page. Let your fans know about content by placing Facebook Page Post Story Ads to drive initial traffic to your page.

#7: Run Facebook Contest

Contests are another great way to increase Facebook engagement because not only does this reward loyal fans, but it also creates excitement. It will also get users to visit your Facebook page more often to check if they have won.

#8: Tag your partners

Businesses can now tag brands in their posts for wider reach. Use this to your advantage by running partner campaigns.

#9: Work closely with influencers

When influential celebrities and thought leaders with huge Facebook fan bases share your posts, you’ll win more reach and engagement.

#10: Talk to Facebook fans.

It’s a simple tactic that many brands ignore. Build engagement and community by asking questions in your posts and responding to comments.

How Hashmeta Can Help You With Facebook Engagement

Having managed more than 100 different Facebook accounts various industries, Hashmeta has amassed a wealth of experience in encouraging engagement on Facebook.

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