Facebook Marketing Case Study: Preschool KiddiWinkie Increases leads by 300% and Boost revenue

The following is a Social Media Marketing case study, highlighting how a well-executed campaign can bring in real orders and sales through Facebook Marketing.


KiddiWinkie is a premium preschool and childcare centre in Singapore. Prior to engaging Hashmeta, KiddiWinkie was challenged with stagnant numbers of inquiries,trial sign ups, applications and school tour(visits) — all key drivers of admissions.

They had prior experiences with expensive marketing tactics like roadshows, newspaper ads and advertorial articles on magazine, without results. Director of marketing, Matthias Koh knew he had to re-envision their marketing, “We had realized that it was essentially important to reach out to people on social media”.

KiddiWinkie wasn’t attracting enough leads with traditional outbound marketing. They were challenged to find more prospects through online channels, particularly on social media and didn’t know how to optimize their Facebook marketing to attract prospective parents and children.

How Hashmeta helped

It all began with KiddiWinkie looking around for “Marketing Agency” that has track records with Social Media marketing and leads generation. After setting aside a small advertising spend on Facebook Ads, KiddiWinkie saw a significant increase in the number of new incoming leads – 100 enquiries/sales-ready leads in less than 5 days.

Result with Hashmeta

The Facebook Marketing strategy and new leads generation landing page created for KiddiWinkie Enrolment has exceeded Matthias’s expectations. And the results came in at amazing speed. Within the first month he had over 300 leads, which he used to see less than twenty! Much of this success is attributed to the new fans attracted to KiddiWinkie’s Facebook Business Page through well-targeted offers and high conversion rate from leads to sales.

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