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Are you starting a new website?

How to create and manage your online presence?

When you have decided to embrace Internet Marketing, it is extremely important that you spend time to define ‘who are you’, ‘who is your audience’, ‘what do you do’ and ‘why you are different’. List down all the points you think are relevant to your online presence, the expectations and the problem you would like to resolve for your audience.

Great Design and Brand Story

The Stanford Web Credibility Project found that 47% of web users base purchase decisions on the look and feel of the website.

Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it. To design the invisible means that you need to design a story that the audience receives subliminally and that it goes somewhat unnoticed. To share your story, you can incorporate color, typefaces, branding, tone of voice, symbols and images.

What do different colors mean for your audience?

Do the typeface is appealing to your customer demographic?

Ask questions and understand your audience. Design your story based on these insights and create a better user experiences in context that have good story, at their heart. Keep it professional. Make sure it is readable and clear to all your visitors. Keep your visitors in mind at all times when designing your webpage.

Great User Experience

Great UX changes your mindset
Great UX enhances your design process
Great UX brings clarity
Great UX increases customer loyalty

A great user experience isn’t just about the user interface, information architect or interaction design, but it helps you to learn on the fly as you glide through the product intuitively. Apart from solving a problem, it brings pleasure experience to the users and before you realize it, you are sold, yes – it will get you hooked. Every little detail counts, it even changes some old habits into a good way, with a well thought-through interaction flow. Having an overall great user experience is difficult to pull off. The whole experience is just so perfect and it’s easy to find what you need to achieve your task. It gives you consistent and seamless experience.

Search Engine Friendly

A search-engine friendly website design satisfies multiple groups: web searchers, website owners, and search engine spiders.

A well structured and organized web design is critical for every website. In order to make the website search engine friendly the layout and usability of the design should not be complex. An effective and impressive website design comprises of quality images, fine background, use of good color combinations, easy to read font size, proper alignment of the text, etc.

Further, simple navigation menus and titles, site maps, good layouts, etc., will dramatically improve the visibility of the site as they make it easy for search engine spiders to access the website.

Clear and Concise Copy

Reduce your text. Removing unnecessary details or redundant stories can increase your conversion rate by 62%.

Focus your copy on benefits and increase your conversion rate by 26%.

Easy-to-read web copy engages your readers. Professional and polished website copy will not only describe your company message to your target audience clearly, but make you sound convincing online and thus raise you above your competitors. Your users will know exactly why they should do business with you – “Yes, this is perfectly what I am looking for”. Concise words are what your websites uses to convert visitors into prospects, leads into clients. The magic words, written in the right manner, will make all the difference.

Fully Optimized

Optimizing is more than the aesthetics of a website. It is about engineering a website’s framework while still giving the best user experience. A design can be usable and persuasive but still fall short of being optimized in terms of performance and conversion. A well optimized webpage will clearly prioritize the content hierarchy and make the content easy to scan and digest. The loading time and the performance of the website are important in retaining the visitors. There are different categories that cover different aspects of page load optimization such as optimizing catching, minimizing round-trip times and minimizing request overhead.

At Hashmeta, we believe that not only should your website be attractive and user-friendly, but it should also be fully optimized for maximum search ability and results within the most popular search engines. Innovative companies likes yours need to make sure that your website can be found by your customers and prospects alike.

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