Case Studies

Before you take the full advantage on our full-service digital marketing solution, please read the case studies below because they are the results you can expect.

Inbound Marketing Case Study: 1,000% Increase in Leads

Inbound Marketing Case Study: 1,000% Increase in LeadsAsia Insight embraces inbound marketing to increase B2B leads by 1000%. Website visitors are up 500%, leads have been boosted by 10x with 20+ keywords ranked in the top 10 on search engine result page (SERP).

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Viral Video Case Study: 400,000+ viewership with 4,000+ Post Likes on Facebook.

Viral Video Case Study: Mannequin Challenge by ParagonOn 3 December 2016, 200 people from all walks of life came together to participate in the largest Mannequin Challenge in a shopping mall at Paragon.

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Gamification Case Study: 11,000 spins, 4,000 unique users, 800+ in-store redemptions.

Viral Gamification Case Study: Spin and Win by Plaza SingapuraPlaza Singapura was celebrating its 42nd Anniversary during October 2016 and they were offering a sweet treat just for all their Facebook fans! Spin the wheel to score a sure-win reward!

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Gamification Case Study: 30,000 people participated in Slash and Win Contest.

Viral Gamification Case Study: Race to Slash by Raffles CityRaffles City Shopping Mall boosted its social media presence with a gamification, raising awareness of its Great Singapore Sales (GSS) campaign and reaching a wide spectrum of people living in Singapore.

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Facebook Marketing Case Study: 3,000 people Shook and Won 3,000 Ang Pao in 18 hours.

VViral Giveaway Case Study: Sure Win Ang Pao Shake and Win by Junction 8Junction 8 ran an interactive giveaway contest for 2 days and saw drastic increase in brand awareness on Facebook. Key Insights: Offer multiple prizes, implement gamification, and bring foot traffic to shopping mall.

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Viral Video Case Study: Million Viewership in 72 hours.

Viral Video for Mother's Day by Jurong PointThis mother’s day video, an initiative by Jurong Point Shopping Centre to celebrate Mother’s Day went viral. The video received close to 1 Million views, more than 50,000 likes, over 10,000 comments and almost 20,000 shares on Facebook.

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Product Launch Case Study: The Waffle Uses Creative Social Media Campaign For It’s Launch.

the waffle

The Waffle used the power of social media creatively for the launch. The networks were used effectively and well integrated. The brand did a smart move by starting the Facebook presence just a month before its launch and today it has a fan following of more than 3K.

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Open House Case Study: Generated 500 Leads for ChildFirst Pre-school Launch.

Open House Case Study: 500 Parents LeadsChildFirst wanted to take advantage of digital marketing to strengthen brand awareness, and ultimately drive enrolments of its Child Care Centres. The pre-launch campaign aimed to drive offline visits to its new campus at Tampines.

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Facebook Marketing Case Study: KiddiWinkie Increases leads by 300% and Boosts Revenue.

KiddiWinkieMore than 300 sales-ready online leads have been generated as the result of effective social media campaign.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach out to your loyal customers and find new leads.

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Facebook Marketing Case Study: Weight Management Company Herbini Sees Strong Revenue Growth.

If people cannot find you online, it doesn’t matter how great your website is. The most important thing here isn’t a $100,000 website design, but really being able to be found, especially on social networking sites like Facebook.

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Product Launch Case Study:  Sandpiper Hotel with over $100,000 Sales on opening promo.

Sandpiper Hotel

The launch campaign achieved impressive engagement and acquired more than 2000 new Facebook fans within a month. Whether it’s launching a brand new hotel or re-launch an old brand, certain principles are fundamental – plan early and do a launch campaign.

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Product Launch Case Study: with 60,000 Unique Visitors on Launch Day.

iiBerry BlackBerry Community Website Launch PosterMany smartphone analysts believe that Blackberry is a dying brand. However, the team at iiBerry bet on the potential come back of BlackBerry.
The product launch objectives were to successfully launch the website in tandem with the official announcement of BlackBerry 10.

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