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  • The New Era of Word of Mouth Marketing via Instagram Influencers


    Instagram Influencer Instagram’s connectivity enables anyone to share pictures, up to 60 million visuals on a daily average, with an international audience. This helps individuals to weave a special kind of storytelling and bonding with others over shared online experiences. Why Instagram Influencers Advertisements are all around us. People have already been overexposed to endless […]

  • Brand Value Lessons From Starbucks Instagram Campaign


    Early bird catches the worm. Ringing true to the adage, Starbucks was one of the earliest adapters(since 2011) of Instagram and today, it is on the No.2 spot of the Top 50 Brands on Instagram in terms of the number of account followers and [branded] hashtags according to Totems. They have a staggering 2.8 million […]

  • 3 Things You Should Know About Instagram 6.0


    What’s new in Instagram 6.0? The photo-sharing service announced 10 new editing tools for both iOS and Android. And here’s the top three highlights that I’ll be covering in this article. What’s New? Instagram is arguably the most popular image sharing platform, where you can edit photos in-app and share them. However, their filters have mostly […]

  • 3 Tips for Scoring Big With Your Instagram Post


    Do you use Instagram for your business? Are you wondering how you can grow an Instagram following and get the most out of your Instagram profile? Instagram, a photo and video sharing platform, has been propelled into the centre of attention after its acquisition by Facebook for a cool billion. Coupled with the fact that […]

  • Why Instagram matters: Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


    Things are getting interesting with Instagram announcing its jump onto the social media marketing bandwagon late last year. Traditional social media powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter have been the all-time favoured platforms for marketers with many companies devoting large budgets to pages of paid advertisements online. Previously unheard of, sponsored posts will now be made available […]

  • Top 5 Ingredients For A Successful Instagram Campaign!


    Despite having the highest engagement among all social media platforms, few companies have truly tried to tap into Instagram’s potential to create campaigns to engage with their audiences. There are a few reasons why this is the case: Instagram’s disabling of URLs on users’ posts heavily crippled its ability to drive direct traffic from Instagram. […]

  • 5 Awesome Tips to Help You Rock Instagram


    Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We’re building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures […]

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