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  • How To Write Headlines That Get Clicks


    Every 60 seconds, there are 216,000 Instagram updates, 277,000 tweets, 2,460,000 content shares on Facebook,and hundreds of thousands of other content being shared across other social networks and messaging app. So how are you going to get your readers to read the article you took hours to research, write, and edit? Headlines. And it is […]

  • How Content Marketing is Reshaping Financial Services


    Above is a short introduction about social media in the financial industry. 92% of the brands interviewed believed that social media can help them. But the issue here is that 46% still didn’t really understand how they can use social media to their advantage. Company-wide education is important as the potential of social media only […]

  • 3 Essential Tips to Blogging Consistently and Effectively


    The above blogging 101 infographic from mylifescoop shows the basic steps needed to kick-start your blogging journey! Although many people started off with all these enthusiasm about blogging and aims to blog every other day, this passion usually fizzled out after a while when they realise how challenging it is to blog consistently. Problems with […]

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