• 2017 Content Marketing Trends Every Marketeer Needs to Know

    Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. And with 2017 just a few months away, it’s important that we prepare for the next leg by reviewing the latest content marketing trends. From producing enticing video content to exploring new ways to publish, here are five trends that you need to know so that you […]

  • What Facebook Ads You See Is Decided By The Information On This Secret Facebook Page

    Facebook ads are shown based on the information that Facebook collects from your daily interaction on their app. This much everyone knows. But sometimes, Facebook shows you weird ads that you have zero interests in, and you probably just shrugged it off, thinking that you can’t possibly have control over what type of ads you […]

  • 3 New Ways to Increase Your Child Care Centre’s Social Media Marketing

    Is your child care centre using social media to grow enrolment? If you are using social media for your child care business, are you confident that your websites are optimized for mobile and driving enrolment to your door? According to The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), by the end of 2015, there are a total […]

  • Getting Your Hashtag To Trend

    Have you ever done an #ootd? When was the last time you created an #epic hashtag that everyone wanted to use? Did you know that there’s a hashtag(#) in Hashmeta’s story? Hashtags may sometimes seem unnecessary especially when marketers are overusing it for every single word in a simple sentence. However, they extremely useful in […]

  • 6 Blog Post Ideas To Get Your Blog Shared Today

    Ever wonder why Neil Patel can come up with eight blog post ideas per week while you can’t even finish one per fortnight? Well… me too. For most of us, our passion for content writing is comparable to fireworks — it burns brightly and fiercely in the initial stage of passion, and quickly fizzles out […]

  • How To Write Headlines That Get Clicks

    Every 60 seconds, there are 216,000 Instagram updates, 277,000 tweets, 2,460,000 content shares on Facebook,and hundreds of thousands of other content being shared across other social networks and messaging app. So how are you going to get your readers to read the article you took hours to research, write, and edit? Headlines. And it is […]

  • Best Chinese New Year Ads 2015

    With Chinese New Year round the corner, billions worldwide are ushering in the year of the goat with much excitement and zest. This is not without bouts of nostalgia as we reminiscence on lost memories, childhood and the importance of familial ties. These sentiments are visually captured with the help of marketing giants from Apple […]

  • Off-Page SEO In 2015: Do Things Different

    Search engine optimization is an ever-changing field. Big or small, significant or insignificant, this field is always bombarded with new revolutionary modifications and inventions. Sometimes people in the SEO industry don’t even realize that whatever they have learned about off-page SEO could be outdated in 2015. To understand it better, let’s go some years back […]

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